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Alan Richter

Exclusively Practicing in Criminal Law



Tel: (905) 723-4747

Alan Bruce Richter graduated from Trent University with a Bachelor of Business Administration (B.A.S.). He spent his first year of law school at Osgoode Hall Law School, but one year later transferred to Ottawa University, where he took every Criminal Law course available. Upon his graduation he articled with Ottawa Criminal lawyer, Rob Lewis. Alan was called to the bar on February 19, 1999 and continued to work with Rob Lewis until November, 1999 when a position came up with the Perth Crown Attorney’s Office. 


Alan assisted in the prosecution of three individuals charged with a double homicide and tried separately, until June 2000. Upon the completion of the homicide trials, Alan commenced his employment at O’Brien, Balka and Elrick in Oshawa where he practised exclusively in the area of Criminal Law until he left to set up his own office in June 2012. From 2012 until the present, Alan has his own firm. Adding associate Jenna in 2018 and Janine in 2019.

Throughout Alan’s entire career he has practised exclusively in Criminal Law. He has tried hundreds of cases, at all levels of court in Ontario, defending murder charges, arson charges, countless assaults and weapons offences along with numerous drug cases, including large scale “project” cases. Alan has argued Charter applications in the course of conducting trials and he is a firm believer that the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms is one of the most significant and important pieces of human rights legislation in the world.

As is inevitable in Criminal Defence Law there will be times when clients plead guilty or are found guilty at which point sentencing issues become the focus and Alan prides himself on being creative and persuasive when it comes to minimizing a client’s period of incarceration or remaining out of custody all together. Over the course of his career, he has developed an effective approach to sentencing to ensure that even at this final stage of a case his clients are receiving the best representation possible. Success is achieved through hard work and he has never shied away from putting in the hours and the work to get those results. Alan believes firmly that “doing the right thing, is never the wrong approach” and maintains this approach with every file.

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