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Introducing our law firm



Criminal Law | Family Law

"Providing each and every client with superior legal advice and representation while maintaining our reputation as a premier law firm."

Introducing Our Firm

Richter Law is committed to each and every client with the utmost professionalism, providing clients superior legal services in both Criminal Law and Family Law. 

We are very experienced trial lawyers, having dealt with all types of offences at all levels of court, including jury trials at the Superior Court and attendances at the Court of Appeal. Our approach is to always strive to reach a reasonable resolution that is acceptable to our clients.  If negotiations with the Crown Attorney are unsuccessful we are always prepared to set matters for trial in order to obtain justice. Our well earned reputation as very effective trial lawyers is a great asset during our negotiations, often leading to exemplary results for our clients without the need for trials.

Proudly Serving, Durham Region and Northumberland County. As well as willing to attend surrounding areas, such as Toronto, Hamilton, Peterborough and Lindsay when called upon!

Practicing in the Following Areas

Criminal Law

- Murder

- Large Project Cases

- Drug Offences

- Firearm/Weapons Offences

- Impaired/80 Over

- Assault (All Levels)

- Criminal Harassment


- Sexual Offences

- Robbery/Theft

- Arson

- Breaches of Court Orders

- Youth and Mental Illness Matters

- Bail Hearings and Bail Review

Family Law

- Prenuptial Agreements

- Cohabitation Agreements

- Separation Agreements

- Divorce Agreements

- Out-of-Court Agreements

- Division of Property Agreements

- Child Decision-Making Responsibility and Parenting Time

- Child Support
- Litigation

- Spousal Support

Our Team

Alan Richter

Practicing Exclusively in Criminal Law



Tel: (905) 723-4747

Alan obtained his business and economics degree from Trent University in 1994 and commenced Law School at Osgoode Hall Law School the same year.  After transferring to the University of Ottawa in 1995 he graduated in 1997.  Alan’s studies at Law School focused extensively on Criminal Law courses as that was his primary focus.  After articling in Ottawa and working with a Criminal Law firm as an associate for a year he received an offer to work with the Crown Attorney’s office In Perth to assist on a complex double murder case involving three co-accused’s, all of who were having separate trials.  In 2000 Alan moved back to his home town near Port Hope and started working with Bernie O’Brien and Tom Balka.  After 12 years, Alan went out on his own and eventually started Richter Law in 2017 with his associate. Now with three associates at Richter Law, Alan is as dedicated as ever to the fundamental principles of justice and his professional obligation to his clients to raise fearlessly every issue, advance every argument and ask every question, however distasteful, that he thinks will help his client’s case and to endeavour to obtain for his clients, the benefit of every remedy and defence authorized by law.  Alan knows that this obligation has become more difficult in recent years as the criminal justice system becomes less about justice and more about politics, but he continues undeterred.


With over 20 years in practice, Alan is acutely aware of the vast disparity between the power of the Crown and police and the accused person’s who are brought before the Courts.  Alan knows that our criminal justice system often creates an ongoing injustice through elitism, racism and a general prejudice towards the marginalized and disenfranchised in our society by a huge bureaucracy that largely operates as a tool for the political party of the day.  Nonetheless, through hard work, determination, and a focus on the principles of justice, Alan continues to provide outstanding legal services for his client’s.  Alan has created Richter Law with these principles in mind and that is why he and his associates take a “trial first” approach to every file, as opposed to “how can we plead this client out” approach.  With a trial first approach, Alan and his associates know the full extent of their client’s case, its strengths and weaknesses.  From this vantage point, Alan can see whether a resolution is truly in the client’s best interests, or whether a trial would advance the client’s interests more effectively.  With this approach, clients are better informed to make the decisions that will impact theirs and their families lives, often in profound ways.  Information is always the key to understanding a client’s case and for the client to make meaningful and informed decisions. At trial, Alan is vigorous in his pursuit of justice for his client’s and is not intimidated or threatened by Crowns or their witnesses.  It is often through aggressive cross-examination of police witnesses that success can be achieved and an informed and strategic approach to the trial is a mainstay of Alan’s approach.  Alan’s interest in Criminal Law and justice started at a young age after he diligently followed the 1978 murder of Bill Matiyek in his hometown of Port Hope.  The resulting travesty of justice at trial inspired Alan and the Mick Lowe novel “Conspiracy of Brothers”. Alan’s interest and commitment to the fundamental principles of justice continues today, particularly at a time where the injustice of the system seems more apparent and pervasive than ever.

"A 36-year-old former education assistant was found not guilty of sexual assault and sexual interference in a Oshawa court on Friday November 24, 2023. But unlike the media attention when press release by Durham Regional Police was issued, there was no media to hear the verdict by Justice Peter Tetly.

Only Jansen, her husband Ken, close family and friends along with Crown attorney Agapi Mavirdis and Jensen’s lawyer Alan Richter.

When the press release was first issued, Jansen’s name was plastered everywhere. Radio, social media and television.

But on the forth floor, in the small courtroom 407, Justice Tetly stated, “the defendant shall be found not guilty.” Then came the applause and tears from Jansen’s family. But what about life after facing such a serious offence.


Jansen was charged on September 2022 with two very serious offenses for anyone. Worse if you’re a teacher or in Jansen’s position. The charged stemmed from an allegation that occurred in 2018. “Members of the Special Victims Unit started an investigation after a victim came forward,” stated the release. No “alleged victim” in the press release, the word “victim” is clearly stated. Police went further to state investigators wanted to ensure there were no other “victims.” The release stated that Jansen was an employee of the Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board from 2010 to 2021, but was no longer employed by the school board.

Jansen, her husband Ken and her lawyer Alan Richter sat in Richter’s office just across the street from the courthouse and spoke to Today’s Northumberland how they’ve tried to cope with the past 14-months dealing with the false charges have effected the Hamilton Township couples lives.

Richter said the charges were, “resoundingly dismissed in lacking credibility and reliability.” (Today's Northumberland - Nov. 24th 2023)

Description: "A cold case murder spanning over four decades. A friendship born of a love of fishing soon turns sinister. An infamous police tactic. Woven together from first hand accounts and expert interviews, family archives, and rare access to key participants, this documentary series is a winding tale that explores the unrelenting enigma of a search for justice."

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