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Legal Advice

"This website is not intended to provide legal advice except for the following."

When dealing with the police in a criminal code investigation you always have the right to remain silent and I always urge my client's to do so.  Remaining silent is different than saying "I don’t know anything", because if you do know something then you have just lied to the police.  Remaining silent is accomplished by saying to the police simply "I have nothing to say".  You may have to repeat this many times but it is always your right to remain silent and in almost every case you should say nothing to the police until you have spoken to an experienced criminal lawyer - most of whom will speak to you for free when you are in custody and will likely provide much better advice then the Legal Aid Duty Counsel lawyers that the police will put you in contact with.  Exercise your right to speak to a qualified criminal lawyer and say nothing to the police.

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